Take a stroll through Mynelle Gardens this spring

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Are you aware of the fact that our apartments sit close to many top┬árated attractions in Jackson, MS? For instance, our residents who enjoy the natural scenery of Jackson love to take a stroll around botanical gardens in Jackson MS┬ásuch as Mynelle Gardens & Botanical Center. Acquired in 1973 by the City of Jackson, you will find this 7-acre … [Read more...]

Grow a few of these blooming houseplants

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From birds building nests to flowers bursting into bloom, spring is one of the year's four pleasant seasons. If you want to add color to the interior of your rental space and improve air quality at the same time, we recommend introducing some house plants. With our apartment decorating tips and the following beautiful blooming house plants you can … [Read more...]

Traveling 101: Eating healthy while traveling

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When on the move, the easiest way to fuel your body is to grab a ready-to-eat bite from a nearby fast food outlet. However, this isn't the healthiest option. As we approach spring, many delicious edibles are coming into season, so why not treat your taste buds to something different? Whether you will be taking to the open road for business or … [Read more...]

How not to blow your budget just on Rent

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Having your own personal space to relax, cook and socialize is a great thing. However, if you are new to apartment living, you may need a little guidance when it comes to keeping your finances in check. To avoid spending more than you earn, learn how to start budgeting for an apartment with these handy financing tips: Recommend Tenants - Many … [Read more...]

How to rid your home of pet odors

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Living with a pet can be enjoyable, but being a pet owner comes with a certain level of responsibility. Pet odors can become more noticeable as humidity increases, which is why we advise you to use apartment cleaning tips if your space is smelling slightly musky. Aside from eliminating smells, we teach you how to clean stains with the following … [Read more...]