Spring Cleaning 101: How to be Eco- and Budget-Friendly


One of the best ways to clean on a budget is to save cash when you're shopping for cleaning supplies. A different solution for bath, toilet, counters, mirrors and other household items begins to add up quickly. Rather than spending tons of cash on cleaning supplies, you can just as easily purchase a few base materials and make your own cleaning … [Read more...]

Turning a Nook in into a Study Space

study area

Having a designated space to study can make all the difference. It's a place that subconsciously shifts you brain into work mode. And even in a small apartment, designing a private study space is possible. All you need to design a study nook is room and a few of these design ideas: Find a closet, corner or wall - Look around your home. Is there a … [Read more...]

Work on your Beach Body at the Towne Hill Fitness Studio

Beach body

Many people aim to slip into their favorite bikini/pair of swimming trunks ahead of summer, and if you are one of these people, we recommend burning calories inside our fitness studio! All residents living at our luxury apartments in Jackson MS have access to this amenity seven days a week. Inside the studio you will find treadmills, cross trainers … [Read more...]

Feast on Seasonal Spring Produce at the Mississippi Farmers’ Market

Mississippi Farmers Market

Where do you usually buy fresh produce? If you tend to fill your basket at the nearest supermarket, make the change and spend your hard-earned dollars at a farmers market in Jackson, MS. Not only will you be able to mingle with the merchants at the local farmers markets, but you'll also be able to support the local economy while enjoying the freshest … [Read more...]

Take a stroll through Mynelle Gardens this spring

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are you aware of the fact that our apartments sit close to many top rated attractions in Jackson, MS? For instance, our residents who enjoy the natural scenery of Jackson love to take a stroll around botanical gardens in Jackson MS such as Mynelle Gardens & Botanical Center. Acquired in 1973 by the City of Jackson, you will find this 7-acre … [Read more...]